Since 2007 Climate Action has worked in formal partnerships with multiple UN Agencies, governments, businesses and key stakeholder groups to create and deliver high impact forums, digital content and the platform.

Our programme and institutional partners include…
Our private sector partners include…

"Thank you for the seamless organization of the first digital SIF! A worldwide pandemic is no reason to stop taking action when it comes to climate protection. You made SIF as real and fruitful as always. We see the exchange in this forum as essential to learn from a broad community of thought leaders. Thus, the BMW Group is proud to be once again part of the SIF and we are looking forward to providing an update on our achievements at"

"Climate Action brings people together who are passing each other like ships in the night in COP or sort of bumping into each other in the course of different initiatives. But this is an event that has a sustained and thoughtful programming around what are the multiple perspectives that people are considering, that are bringing together. It brings that in close proximity to COP, but within a context where some more thoughtful exchanges can take place that are a little bit less driven by, or subject to the political process, kind of waves of ups and downs, even in terms of participation."

"Becoming a partner of the Sustainable Innovation Forum and of Climate Action has created an additional venue for us to advocate for the urgency of fighting the climate crisis. To maintain the momentum created by the Paris Climate Agreement, led by our Co-chair Ban Ki-moon, and towards a critical international discussion, building effective and meaningful partnerships remains essential. We are grateful the Forum highlighted the recommitment of many partners to the challenges ahead."

"Thank you Climate Action for your remarkable organisation, communication and professionalism. We are proud of our collaboration with you on the agriculture agenda of the Sustainable Innovation Forum, and thank you for making it a great success. Congratulations! We look forward to more successful events towards COP and beyond."

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