Helping to catalyse tangible, impactful action

We deliver world-class events that convene influential decision-makers from across government, finance, business, cities, regions and civil society. Through carefully curated agendas, matchmaking and clustering, impactful expos and disruptor connections, our events facilitate collaboration and encourage the development, deployment and accelerated uptake of globally sustainable net zero solutions.

Together for implementation

To be in with a fighting chance of halving global emissions by 2030, the role of business and finance is clearer than ever:  to deliver immediate climate action at the scale and pace that’s required. Innovation and collaboration are key. We need solutions that can scale impact to make our low carbon future a reality, quickly. And we can’t work in silos; we need to bring together the policy makers with the business leaders, the innovators with the financiers, the technology with demand, the pioneers with the practitioners. 

Committed to the Race to Zero

Climate Action is proud to support the UN Race to Zero and is a signatory member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative empowering small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

We have pledged to achieve net zero by 2030 and look to make an even greater positive impact on our climate by facilitating other SMEs to do the same through our support of the Innovation Agenda across our digital and event platforms. 

Supporting breakthrough innovation

In support of the Innovation Agenda, all of our events will now feature a Climate Action Innovation Pavilion providing an exciting opportunity for selected start-ups to showcase their innovative products, services and systems for free. The aim of the Pavilion is to enable start-ups to connect with leaders from business, academia, policy, media and non-profit sectors to create networks, to develop, deploy and scale-up their solutions for maximum impact.

There is no cost to apply or participate in the Climate Action Innovation Pavilion. For further details and to apply, interested start ups should visit our event websites.

King Charles III visiting the breakthrough innovation zone at Climate Innovation Forum 2023

A positive impact pioneer

Climate Action is delighted to be the first global event organiser to trailblaze assessing the positive impact of our events.

Working with Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative, we’ll be assessing how our events can best enable climate action by facilitating collaboration and encouraging the development, deployment and accelerated uptake of globally sustainable net zero solutions.

Climate Action and Mission Innovation launch initiative to assess the positive impact of conferences as an enabler of climate action.

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